# A/R Aging Report (AR.R3)

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Form Details
Form Details

The AR.R3 procedure is used to create an accounts receivable aging report. This report lists all open A/R items which satisfy the criteria entered. This invoices may be aged based on the invoice date, payment due date, or register date. When using this report for balancing against the general ledger, the register date method should be used to insure proper alignment with the data that was interfaced to the general ledger system.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The column headings and date ranges to be included in each column must be entered into the ACCT.CONTROL entry procedure.

Data Fields

ARid The record ID of the item in the AR file.
PO.Number The customer's purchase order number as it appears in the AR file.
Date Either the invoice date or the due date, depending upon the option selected.
Invoice.Amt The total invoice amount as it appears on the customer's invoice. This is the original amount of the invoice.
Check.Amount The amount of the associated check listed.
Checks All checks which have been paid against this AR item, through the cut-off date specified.
Chk.Date The date on which any checks were paid.
"Aging Columns" There are four (4) aging columns available on this report. An example of these is: Current 31-60 days 61-90 days over 90 days The actual column titles and day break points is determined by what is entered in the ACCT.CONTROL entry screen.

Version 8.10.57