# Millennium Editor Settings (ME.CONTROL)

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ID The record ID of ME is automatically entered into this field.

Key Enter the number corresponding to the function key you want to use to invoke the associated text insert in the millennium editor. For example, enter the number 1 for the F1 key. The function key must be used in conjuction with the Ctrl key. In this example the insert would be invoked using Ctrl+F1.

Text Description Enter the description of the associated insert text to be displayed in the editor pull down window.

T$X59 Enter each line of text that is to be inserted when the associated function key number is pressed. To include the current date as part of the text enter a left curly brace ({) followed by the word date, followed by a comma, followed by the date conversion to be applied, followed by a right curly brace (}). For example, {date,D2-} will insert a date with a two digit year. {date,D4-} will insert a date with a four digit year.

Version 8.10.57