# Define File Dictionaries (FDICT.E)

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# Settings

Program Name If a field in a data entry procedure references the file defined by the FDICT record,
the program name identified in this field will be called after the user enters data. This program is called before the standard procedure validation and after input call. It can be used to validate an entry so that this code does not need to be created for every procedure that calls the field. For example, the CUST file could have a program called P$CUST that validates the entry as a valid customer number. In addition you could have this program check first for a valid record in the CUST file and if not found check the entry against the customer name, display a list of options, allow the user to select a customer number, and set A$ENTRY equal to the customer number selected. If additional processing is to be done using the record read from the file in the after input logic of the program called from the procedure, you can put the record read by this program into a variable called A$FDICT.CALL.REC which is available through common to the application program.

Show Lookup List When a lookup is triggered and only one item is found the system returns this as the item selected without displaying a list of items to the user. Check this box if the list is to be displayed even when only one item is returned.

Version 8.10.57