# MV Dashboard

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MultiValue Dashboard is a simple, Pick-based web server that any developer can setup in minutes. Because it’s based on the Pick/BASIC programming language, you can utilize your existing knowledge and expertise without worrying about a steep learning curve.

A MultiValue software developer can use MV Dashboard to produce graphical representations of data in the MultiValue system while leveraging his or her strengths as a BASIC programmer.

# Using MultiValue Dashboard, You can:

  • Rapidly build web-based graphical interfaces and produce interactive reports
  • Create information alerts that can be delivered by any local RSS
  • Generate widgets using real-time Pick/BASIC code and MultiValue data
  • Easily drag and drop widgets onto a dashboard layout

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# What's New in MV Dashboard 1.5.4?

  • WebService support allowing external applications or websites to invoke an MV Dashboard display.
  • Added “date picker” input type for widget input.
  • Export to Excel button
  • Print to PDF button
  • Increased main dashboard window size to accommodate larger monitors.
  • Improved handling of browser “back” button.
  • Added support to assign an alternative logo for each user.
  • Increased maximum URL size from 1024 to 2048 characters.
  • View previously generated html report by clicking on a link embedded in an email.
  • Renamed some demo widget subroutines to include “DEMO” in the name to avoid collision with production routines.
  • Updated FusionCharts library to latest version.

# Getting to Know MV Dashboard

MV Dashboard provides the following documentation to help developers and administrators new to MV Dashboard.

# Getting Help with MV Dashboard

If you're looking for help, you can reach out the following ways:

# MV Dashboard Licensing

To obtain a developers version of MV Dashboard, please email [email protected].