# TotaLink API

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# Table Contents

Endpoint URL: https://test-gateway.total-computing.com/api (opens new window)

Endpoint Description
blauth Credit Card Authorization
blsale Credit Card Authorization & Capture
blcredit Credit an amount to a Credit Card
bltokenize Tokenize a Credit Card
bltokenauth Authorize a Tokenized Credit Card
bltokensale Capture a Credit Card using its Token
bltokencredit Returns Credit to a Credit Card using its Token
bltokenfinal Finalizes a transaction using an authorized token
bltokenrefund Refund on the Authorized Amount
blsignature Prompt Bolt Device for signature
blinquire Inquire about an prior transaction using Invoice
bliframe Returns an html file for data capture

To request access to TotaLink please contact [email protected]