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# Table of Contents

jBC jBASE BASIC statments and functions
Dynamic Objects Introduction to Dynamic Objects
jBC String Operations Extracting and assigning substrings
jBC Debugger jBC debugger reference
jBC Compilation Compiling jBC programs
jBC Runtime Running jBC programs
jBC Error Handling Handling error conditions in jBC programs
jCL jBASE Command Language (PROC) reference
jQL jBASE Query Language reference
jSQL jBASE Structured Query Language reference
jRFS jBASE Remote File Systems

Accounts How accounts are supported in jBASE
Background Processing Background processing in jBASE
Conversion Processing Conversions for jQL and jBC
Database Drivers How jBASE provides database independence
Daemons Daemons used by jBASE
Editors Editors provided by jBASE
Embedded SQL Using SQL with jBASE
Emulation Emulation settings
Environment Variables Setting environment variables
Files File support
Indexes Support for secondary indexes
Internationalization Settings for internationalization
jShell The jBASE command line
Licensing jBASE 5 Licensing Overview
Lists Manipulating stored lists in jBASE
Porting Converting applications to run under jBASE
Spooler The jBASE spooler.
Tape Support for tape devices
Telnet jBASE Windows telnet process
Terminals Support for terminals in jBASE
Transactions Transaction processing and transaction journaling
Tools and Utilities Tools and Utilities provided by jBASE
Triggers Database triggers

In Addition
Administration jBASE Administration
Coding Corner Tips and tricks for programmers using jBASE
Connectivity Alternative methods of connecting to jBASE
Encryption Encryption Topics
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (and some not so frequently)
jEDI jBASE jEDI Drivers
Reference Guides Table Layout
Release Notes jBASE Release Notes