# Smart Suite Release February 2022

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# Point-of-Sale

  • Updated Pick Slip reports to display customer rental status for online orders

# POSConnect

  • Log4 json Datatel Colleague Update for all POSConnect users.
  • As of January 31st, 2022 the default batch closure times will be adjusted as follows: First Data North   Current time: 9:40 PM EST  New time:  8:40 PM EST First Data Rapid Connect   Current time: 9:30 PM EST   New time: 8:30 PM EST These changes ensure Merchants still receive daily next day funding.
  • Note that you can change the default batch closing time in your online portal by merchant account.
  • Updated payment devices and payment interfaces to conform with PTPE, Contactless, NFC, Chip, PIN Debit, and digital wallets. Please contact sales@total-computing.com or your account representative for additional information.

    May require processor and/or equipment upgrade

# Webstore

  • ShipEngine interface is in production! Please contact us for additional information to take advantage of these cost and time saving feature

# Texbooks

  • Please check the knowledge base article for updated process documentation on RedShelf eBook processing.
  • Added support for e-book only isbn formats

# Important Resolved Issues

  • Addressed Gift Card Tender reporting vs Gift Card Sales report discrepancy
  • Addressed AP Check Detail report error
  • Updating Reporting descriptions for AP and GL