# Smart Suite Release May 2021

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# Holiday Hours

Our offices will be closed Friday 4:30 CST, reopening Tuesday 7:00 CST in observation of Memorial Day
After hours support will be limited to emergencies only.

# Product Updates

For detailed information about each update including training materials click here (opens new window)

# Point-of-Sale

  • Added additional parameters to limit or remove transaction props
    • Change Due
    • Next Transaction

# Textbooks

  • Remember to reset Beginning Inventory
    • If you have added new terms, open/closed terms
    • Buyback season completed
  • Added transaction Integrity checking

    • Pulls prior authorizations from the processor for transactions where the response communication is lost
    • Added unique OrderID for all transactions for cross-reference through the online portal
    • Added CC-INQ transaction request to query any previous transactions detail information
  • Updated payment devices and interfaces that conform with current PCI P2PE guidelines, Contactless, NFC, Chip, PIN Debit, and digital wallets are now available. Please contact sales@total-computing.com

    May require processor and/or equipment upgrade

# Webstore

  • Applied updates to the checkout process for additional fraud prevention related to credit card payments

# Important Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issues related to autofill/complete for certain web browser versions
  • Resolved issues related to caching of JavaScript on certain browser versions
    • Adoptions online
    • Order fulfillment
  • Resolved freight Charge issues on special override pricing options