# Smart Suite Release March 2021

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For detailed information about each update including training materials click here (opens new window).

# TextBooks

Remember with spring break just around the corner:

# Buyback

Remember to update the buying guides you plan on using this summer and fall for buyback with the latest versions (opens new window).

If you or your staff are not receiving buying guide updates and you would like to receive these please email support@total-computing.com.

# General Merchandise

  • Customers utilizing host-based registers now can use pin pad devices for sales and returns
  • Take advantage of our new out-of-the-box PCI compliant devices and their additional features:
    • NFC
    • Tap & Go
    • Chip & Pin
    • Digital Wallets
  • Updated payment devices and payment interfaces to conform with P2PE validated standards. Please contact sales@total-computing.com or your account representative for additional information.

    May require processor and/or equipment upgrade

# Webstore

# Important Resolved Issues

We squashed a number of bugs this release including issues with:

  • Viewing orders through the web portal
  • Chargeback printing
  • Truncated shipping addresses on pick slips