# Smart Suite Release July 2021

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# Product Updates

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# Point-of-Sale

Things you might have missed

  • Web Orders lookup on Cash Register resumes by:
    • Confirmation number
    • Customer ID
    • e-mail address (partial 3 charters or more)
    • Partial names (3 characters or more)
  • POS-26-26 adds the ability to verify and check Web Order status by confirmation number

# POSConnect

  • Added the ability to checkout online using credit cards in conjunction with available account funds

# Textbooks

  • Remember to reset Beginning Inventory prior to wantlisting and ordering
  • As customers are coming back online make sure that you verify all connections
    • Register
    • Back-office
  • Added transaction Integrity checking

    • Updated hosted payment pages to force recaptcha
    • Updated hosted payment pages to force complex recaptcha after multiple attempts.
  • Updated payment devices and interfaces that conform with current PCI P2PE guidelines, Contactless, NFC, Chip, PIN Debit, and digital wallets are now available. Please contact sales@total-computing.com

    May require processor and/or equipment upgrade

# Webstore

  • Added email verification methods at submission and checkout points of entry.
    • Added verification to Faculty Adoptions
    • Added verification to Guest Checkout
  • Take advantage of the of our advanced recommend items feature for your online store at checkout

# Important Resolved Issues

  • Resolved Serialized rental quantity recalculation
  • Resolved Rental customer status display to honor the account status of I=Inactive D=Delete
  • Resolved Search isbn feature on-line for general search vs course search
  • Resolved freight charge issues on special override pricing options
  • Addressed issues related to Voucher Special Order report POS-RP-6-1
  • Resolved Average cost display in Change Item Cost for General Merchandise
  • Resolved GM Inventory Physical Inventory Validation file creation
  • Resolved Text Inventory Physical Inventory Validation file creation
  • Resolved GM Invoices on imported and user data to convert all lower to uppercase text.
  • Resolved Redshelf file import errors (non-user function)