# Smart Suite Release January 2021

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# Point-of-Sale

  • Added the ability to display product images on Picking Slips
  • Set your rental late fees using Flat or Daily fees as your default while allowing item specific overrides
  • New feature allowing you to set default percentages for New and Used Textbooks separately
  • Added additional information for rental customer lookup to include Previous and Current rental status
  • Added the ability to manage and update all of your stores rental and rental replacement pricing

# General Merchandise

  • Enhanced the copy features for inventory items across your stores
  • Enabled store transfers to create a Master Sku for Matrix inventory items if the Master Sku doesn't exist in the destination store/location
  • Updated payment devices and payment interfaces to conform with PTPE, Contactless, NFC, Chip, PIN Debit, and digital wallets. Please contact sales@total-computing.com or your account representative for additional information.

    May require processor and/or equipment upgrade

# Webstore

  • Enhanced image display on mobile view

# Important Resolved Issues

  • POS report POS.RP.2.2 Summarized by Register does not display the information when there is a Split Tender
  • POS.RP.2.5 (Summarized by Cashier Code) does not actually break out by cashier or tender
  • POS.RP.1.1 Detail by Trans Number doesn't include multi departments per transaction
  • The Store Sales by Store by Date by Interval report (POS.RP.1.4.2) seems to hang when you run the report
  • Prevent parent items from being sold at registers (conversion leftover)
  • transaction delay of 30 seconds or more between each web transaction (the delay appears to have lessened since last week) WebOrders only.
  • Resolved issues with POST VOID and Transaction Matching
  • 15 day warning on login for password expiration. Update Host with Register Password changes
  • Web item quantity display issue
  • POS-RP-1-5-2 via the GUI results related to department 20
  • Gift Card Display PickSlips