# Smart Suite Release February 2021

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  • "Do we need Signature Capture devices?" This is a question that is often asked our sales and support Team. The answer is "No", with the introduction of Chip & Pin Technology Merchants can opt for less expensive customer facing devices
  • Updated payment devices and payment interfaces to conform with PTPE, Contactless, NFC, Chip, PIN Debit, and digital wallets. Please contact sales@total-computing.com or your account representative for additional information

    May require processor and/or equipment upgrade

# Point-of-Sale

  • Ability to view rental customers Status on all customer reference lookup screens
    • Active Rental
    • Historical Rental
  • Order Confirmation (POS-26-26)
    • Ability to see detailed information related to online orders, Opened, Completed, Deleted, and Sales Detail information in one location
  • Added Product Images to pick-slip printouts for assisting in order fulfillment

    Requires Setup. Contact Support

# General Merchandise

  • Updated Item override freight options in Merchandise Master File for online orders

# Webstore

  • You have the ability now to add images to your fee codes displayed in your webstore
  • Added options to allow Product Recommend Links and Coupons through Checkout
  • Added force Student ID when web users are created on your webstore for the first time

    Requires Setup. Contact Support

  • Added the ability to force Student ID when rental items are in the checkout cart, this is only first time users that don't have a ID linked to their account.

    Requires Setup. Contact Support

# Important Resolved Issues

  • Addressed BuyBack display of customers with pervious rentals
  • Resolved special web printing when modifying the sort order of the product list
  • Resolved POSConnect live transactions updating inventory correctly
  • Addressed incorrect tax when mixed with out of state rental transactions.
  • Corrected spelling on reset password for online customers
  • Resolved issue with additional freight on invoices after posting was updated