# Web Order Returns

Read Time: 1 minute(s)

The steps below cover how to return a web order. It's virtually identical to a regular return, with two exceptions; the transaction type and the tender.

These steps also include returning an ebook. That part of this process is the same for web and regular orders as well.

All web returns must be completed from a Host Connection or your regular web order machine.

  1. Start by using the MORT transaction type
  2. Look up the customer
  3. Enter the items to return
    1. For an ebook, enter the ebook SKU, or scan the ISBN and select the ebook option (if applicable)
    2. Answer the prompts for the original transaction the ebook was purchased on
      1. This is so that the system can get the access codes and verify if they are valid for return
    3. Confirm the access code is correct
      1. Repeat for any other ebooks
      2. Note that any access code that has already been activated is not a valid candidate for returns per Redshelf.
  4. Total the transaction after all items have been returned
  5. Select the appropriate shipping amount (if applicable)
  6. The tender should default to the transaction amount + EL
    1. If not, enter the amount followed by EL
    2. e.g. 10.25EL
  7. Select either the Match or Swipe option
    1. Swipe allows the customer to return to a new card. This is rare for web transactions since the customer usually isn't in the store with their card handy.
    2. The Match option allows you to return the funds to the original card.
      1. Answer the the original transaction prompts so the system can obtain the credit card token to use.
  8. Press enter and the process is complete.