# An Overview of REPORT.E

Read Time: 1 minute(s)

The REPORT.E procedure allows users to build their own “ad-hoc” reports against files within the Rover ERP system.

The Job ID field can be left blank for a quick, non-saved report. If the user wants to save the report so it can be run again, enter a unique ID in the Job ID field.

Select the destination for the report. This can be options such as Preview on Screen, Grid Viewer, Excel, PDF Viewer or and of the identified printers.

Enter the name of the file you wish to report against. The right-click option will allow the display of all available files. This fields uses the Security profile to determine if the files to be accessible are limited.

Right-click in the Print Field in order to see the list of data fields available through the file selected. These may be fields actually in the file selected, or pre-defined translates to other files in the system (e.g. customer name using the contained customer number).

Enter any heading you wish to print at the top of the report.

In the Compare Field, you can enter any field in the file (even if not selected for the report) to limit or select the records to be included. For example, you can enter or select “Date”, then select “GE” (greater than or equal to) in the Oper column. Lastly, enter the date to be used for the selection. You may wish to enter a second line using “Date” with “LE” (less than or equal to) to create a range of records. Each of these fields has a drop-down selection box accessible with the right-click option.

Hit the Run Process button to process the report.