# Alert System

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The alert system allows users to build their own alerts or use pre-defined alerts to cause notices and/or emails to be generated based upon certain events within the system.

Alerts are created via a two step process in PADEF.E:

  1. The Process Alert Definition procedure is used to define templates for alerts that can be monitored by the system. These templates define the criteria used to determine if an event has occurred and can be setup to prompt the user for specific information when utilized by the Process Alert procedure to setup an alert for monitoring. A set of pre-defined alerts are delivered with Rover, and users can also build their own alert definitions.

  2. To access predefined definitions, right click on the ID field in PADEF.E. Choose one of the lookup options, and select a template. To create a new alert, type a new name in the ID field and build the definition. You can optionally load in an existing template if you want to start with something similar to what you want to create. An example of an existing standard definition is PART.REV.CHANGE which alerts whenever a part# has a revision change.