# Rover Web v1.0.23 Release Notes

Version 1.0.23

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These are the release notes for version 1.0.23 (09/19/2023) of the Rover Web application.

# Features

  • POS

    • The Point of Sale module is now available!
      • Search for customers by ID, partial ID, or partial name.
      • Search for parts by price code, ID, order description.
      • View list of parts with their prices and add them to a new sales order.
      • Calculate sales tax based on customer tax code and part information.
      • Capture customer signature and related shipping information.
      • Generate a PDF of the sales order and email it.
  • Field Services

    • The Field Services module is now available!
      • Search, modify, and create new fields service orders.
      • Add operations based on the type of field service order.
      • Track time to complete and capture customer signature.
  • Icons

    • New and improved module icons in the sidebar. Check them out!
  • Login

    • The login page has been updated direct to Rover Web or Rover Portal based on the user name and passwword entered. You no longer required to select the type of login you want to perform.

# Updates

  • Rover Scan
    • Inventory Check: Added loading indicator when loading loading part inventory information.

# Bug Fixes

  • Tickets & Time
    • Fixed issue where clicking table row would not expand the ticket details.