# Rover Web v1.0.21 Release Notes

Version 1.0.21

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These are the release notes for version 1.0.21 (07/31/2023) of the Rover Web application.

# Features

  • Rover Scan

    • Scan Shipment: Added ability to run scan shipment programs using Rover Scan
    • Pick Shipment: Added ability to run pick shipment programs using Rover Scan
    • Pack Shipment: Added ability to run pack shipment programs using Rover Scan
    • General: Added ability to set scanner prefix/suffix settings.
  • Manufacturing

    • Production Scheduling: Tabbed interface to track order lines through multiple stages of manufacturing including lab QA/Batch Approval.
    • Granular user permissions per tab interface with view/add/change/delete roles.
    • Printable View and Export to CSV options for visible data tables including selection of data columns to be included.

# Updates

  • General

    • Filters: Added search button to multi-select filter options.
  • Sales

    • Quotes: Add ability to edit part information.
  • Rover Scan

    • Parts Checkout:
    • Inventory Check: Added ability to search for parts using UPC code.
    • Inventory Check: Added part description to display after searching part.
  • Customer

    • General: Added fields to customer module general tab:
      • Ecommerce Level Level
      • Open Order Balance
      • Current AR Balance
      • Highest AR Bal
      • Average AR Balance
    • Contacts: Add ability to add an existing contact to a customer

# Bug Fixes

  • Ticket & Time

    • Tickets with status = 'N' now appear in the table.
  • Sales

    • Quotes: Removed automatic user assignee in customer module to show correct badge count
  • Customer

    • Tickets & Time: Fixed bug causing attachments to freeze the application.
    • Tickets & Time: Fixed bug that caused no tickets to display with customers with large amount of tickets.
    • Tickets & Time: Fixed sorting tickets by date.

# Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come in Rover Web courtesy of our most recent internal demo day.