# Rover Web v1.0.12 Release Notes

Version 1.0.12

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These are the release notes for version 1.0.12 of the Rover Web application.

# Features

  • Customers
    • Upgraded the search function to display results to a data table
    • Now tracking recently viewed customers in a new data table
  • Tickets & Time
    • Upgraded the main display to a data table
    • Added Status and Date columns
    • Allow filtering by multiple Assignees
    • Added sort options to all columns
  • Sales Quotes
    • Added Description to line items
    • Add Quote Total to table
    • Default the Quoted By field to the current user (you!)
    • Default the Quote Date field to Today
    • Default the Valid Thru field to 30 days from Today
    • Added the ability to update existing quotes
    • Added the ability to edit line items
    • Creating a quote by loading an opportunity now automatically updates the opportunity with the new quote ID
  • Invoices
    • Added Customer column to the table
    • Now displaying the Type description instead of Type code
  • General UI
    • Right justified numeric fields

# Bug Fixes

  • Customer - Sales
    • Current customer now used as default when creating new opportunities, quotes and orders
    • Filtering and Sorting
  • Sales Quotes
    • Automatically reload data after saving quote
    • Sort via Quoted By now works correctly
  • Sales Opportunities
    • Filtering by opportunities now persists through saving updates
    • Contacts now appear correctly when loading existing opportunities