# MRP Indented Pegging Report (MRP.R2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The MRP.R2 procedure is used to create indented MRP pegging listings. The user must specify each part number to be included in the report. The report will show each assembly which has demand against the specified part numbers and will also show each next higher level assembly until it reaches the highest level in the product structure generating demand.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Building of the MRP files ( MRP.P1 ).

Data Fields

Level This column shows the level at which the associated assembly appears in relation to the base part number. The number is indented from left to right by one position for each level.
Assembly Number The part numbers of all the assemblies generating demand for the prior and base part numbers.
Assembly Description The first line of the description for each of the assemblies listed.
Quantity The total demand generated by the associated assembly for the part.
End Item Will contain the word "Yes" if the assembly is at the top level in the demand structure.

Version 8.10.57