# MPS Horizontal Report (MPS.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The MPS.R1 procedure is used to produce a horizontal master production schedule report.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Part Number The number that identifies the part number printed.
Description The description of the part number.
Unit/Meas The stocking unit of measure for the part.
On Hand The on hand balance at the time the MPS was processed.
Shortages The quantity of the part that is short on work orders.
Safety Stock The safety stock quantity as defined in the Parts file.
Max Stock The maximum stock quantity as defined in the Parts file.
Scrap Factor The percentage of the part expected to be scrapped out of any production.
Order Min The minimum suggested order quantity.
Order Mult The suggested multiple in which the part should be planned.
Order Max The maximum size at which any single order should be set.
Avg Mo Usage The average monthly usage of the part number.
Lead Time The time required to obtain or manufacture the part.
Order Policy The policy to be used when ordering the part number. Discrete

  • Order only what is required. Fixed - Order based on the parameter defined by Order Min, Max and multiple.
    Period Start The date on which each planning period begins.
    Period End The date on which each planning period ends.
    Forecast The forecasted sales for each period that have not been consumed by actual requirements.
    Requirements The quantity required of the part in each period.
    Sched Receipts The quantity of parts scheduled for delivery or completion from production in each period.
    Projected Bal The projected on-hand balance for each period after considering the impact of forecast, requirements and scheduled receipts.
    Avail to Prom The Quantity that is available to promise for delivery in each period. Available to promise always appears in the first period, and also in any subsequent periods that also have scheduled receipts. The quantity shown represents what is available until the next quantity shown.
Version 8.10.57