# Inventory Min/Max Listing (INV.R5)

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Form Details
Form Details

The INV.R5 procedure is used to produce a listing of the part numbers defined as Min/Max that are either under the minimum on-hand balance or over the maximum balance. You may specify which conditions you want the system to check and display.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Part Number The number that identifies the part being displayed.
Description The description of the associated part number.
Min Qty The minimum acceptable inventory balance as defined in the safety stock field in PARTS.E .
Max Qty The maximum acceptable inventory balance as defined in PARTS.E .
Avg Use The average monthly usage of the part.
On Hand The current on hand balance in inventory.
PO ID The numbers of any open purchase orders on file for the part number.
Vendor The number and name of the vendor associated with the purchase order.
Li# The line item number on the purchase order containing the part number.
Sch Date The dates on which the item is scheduled for delivery.
Sch Qty The quantity to be delivered on the associated date.

Version 8.10.57