# Items Without Preventive Maintenance Orders (SERIAL.R2)

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Form Details
Form Details

SERIAL.R2 provides a listing of all the serial numbers defined in the serial master file that are due for maintenance on or before a user specified cutoff date, that do not already have a pending service order on file. This report is useful for determining cases in which a service irder needs to be created.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Serial Number The serial number of the equipment requiring preventive maintenance.
Sch Date The date on which the preventive maintenance is to be scheduled.
Last PM The date on whch the last preventive maintenance was performed.
Equipment Part The part number of the equipment.
Model The model number of the equipment.
Desc A description of the equipment.
Customer The name, number and address of the customer associated with the equipment.
Contact The name of the person at the customer to be contacted about the preventive maintenance.
Telephone The telephone number of the customer contact.

Version 8.10.57