# Field Service Parts Sales by Service Unit (FSO.R4)

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Form Details
Form Details

FSO.R4 provides a detail listing of all the parts which were used in service orders within a user specified date range. There is, also, an option to include credits created via the rma receipt process. If this option is included then the job# will be either the fso id or the rma receipt number. Separate pages with sub totals are generated for each service unit.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Date The date on which the service orders were processed.
Job# The field service order number or the rma receipt number.
Invoice The invoice number generated to the customer for the service performed.
Type The type of service order.
Comm Shows "Y" if the associated part number was commissionable.
Part Number The number identifying the part that was used.
Part Description The description of the part used.
Qty The quantity of the part number used.
Unit Cost The unit cost of the part from inventory.
Unit price The unit price charged to the customer for the part.
Ext Cost The extended cost of the part.
Ext Price The extended price of the part.

Version 8.10.57