# Field Service Analysis Report by Service Unit (FSO.R2)

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Form Details
Form Details

FSO.R2 provides an analysis of the service orders processed for a user specified time period. The report allows you to specify which service units to include in the listing or to include all service units. A separate page and totals are generated for each service unit. A single line is generated for each date within the period and the information on each line represents the totals for all orders processed on that day by the service unit. The FSO.R3 report provides the same information except with all service units grouped together for each date.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Date The date on which the orders were serviced.
Charge Labor The number of labor hours charged to the customer.
Int Labor The number of labor hours charged to internal labor.
Warr Labor The number of hours charged to warrenty labor.
Total Hours The total number of hours applied to the service orders.
Cumm Hours The number of total hours accumulated through the associated date and all dates that preceded it on the report.
Avg Hours The average hours per order applied on the associated date.
Parts Chrgs The dollar value of parts charged on the associated date.
Commission Parts The portion of the parts charges that are subject to commissions.
Invoice Total The total value of the invoices including parts and labor.
Nbr Inv The number of invoices (orders) processed on the associated date.
Dollars Per Invoice The average dollar amount per invoice on the associated date.
Accumulated Total The accumulated total of the invoice values through the associated date.
Nbr Days The number of days through the associated date on which one or more orders were processed.
Dollars Per Day The average dollar amount collected per day based on the number of days in which orders were actually processed.

Version 8.10.57