# Field Service Delivery Receipt Printing (FSO.F2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The FSO.F2 procedure is used to print a delivery receipt in situations where a service order is used as the billing method when parts or equipment are sold.

Frequency of Use
Usually printed before the equipment is delivered so ti can be presented to the customer at the time of delivery.

Entry of the selected field service orders ( FSO.E ).

Data Fields

Cust PO The purchase order, if any, provided by the customer.
Order No. The field service order number.
Date The date on which the service order was entered.
Page The page number of the current page.
Bill To The name and address to which the billing is to be sent,
Ship To The address at which the equipment is to be delivered.
Representative The name of the representative who sold the equipment.
Contact The name of the person at the customer who is to be contacted about the order.
Ship Via The method of shipment to be used.
Terms The payment terms.
Phone The telephone number for the customer contact.
F.O.B. FOB designation.
Item The number of the item on the order.
Description The description of each item sold.
Quantity The number of the associated item sold.
Unit Price The price charged for each associated item.
Disc The discount amount, if any, applied to the associated item.
Ext Price The extended price of the associated item (Qty X Price - Disc).
Total The total value of the order.

Version 8.10.57