# Field Service Order Printing (FSO.F1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The FSO.F1 procedure is used to print a service order form indicating the customer, the product to be serviced, and reason for the service, providing areas for the service technicion to make note of the labor performed and the materials consumed.

Frequency of Use
Usually before the service is performed.

Entry of the selected field service orders ( FSO.E ).

Data Fields

Order Number The order number assigned to the service order.
Customer PO The purchase order, if any, provided by the customer.
Order Date The date on which the service order was entered.
Order Time The time at which the order was taken.
Contact The name of the person at the customer who is to be contacted about the order.
Bill To The name and address to which the billing for the service is to be sent,
Location The address at which the equipment to be serviced is located.
Model The model number of the equipment to be serviced.
Serial# The serial number of the equipment to be serviced.
Service Van The name of the service vehicle to be dispatched on the service call.
Date Compl The date on which the service was completed.
Work Performed An area on the form available for the technician to write down the types of service performed.
Qty The number of the associated part number used in the service.
Description A description of the part used.
Price The price charged to the customer for the part.
Total The extended value of the part used (Qty X Price).
Reason For Service Contains text describing the reason for the service call.
Warranties Shows the current warranties on the equipment being serviced and their expiration dates.
Total Parts The total extended price for all parts used in performing the service.
Sales Tax The amount of sales tax charged for the parts used.
Sublet Repairs The value of repairs made by a third party but charged on the service order.
Labor The dollar amount charged for labor on the order.
PM / Travel The zone or travel charge applied for the service order.
Total The total value of the order.

Version 8.10.57