# Field Service Control (FS.CONTROL)

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# General

Control.ID The control id is the company code (as defined on screen 2 of CO.CONTROL) preceded by "FS". If you only have one company code the control id will automatically be inserted into this procedure for you. If you have multiple company codes you may select from a list of available companies or you may enter the id directly e.g. FS1. This record contains the default information used in the FS module by company code.

Sales Account Enter the sales account to be used as the default in service orders for parts that are sold.

CG Location Enter the cost of goods sold location to be used as the default for parts sold through service orders.

Adjustment Account Enter the general ledger account number to be used as the credit account for posting materials entered on a field service order that do not have a part number associated with them.

Warranty Account Enter the account number to be used as the distribution account number for debit memos created in accounts payable for warranty reimbursement.

Sales Account Desc Contians the description of the sales account as found on the GL chart of accounts.

CG Location Desc Contains the description of the CG location as found in the inventory location file.

Adjustment Account Desc Displays the account number description for the adjustment account.

Warranty Acccount Desc Displays the description of the warranty account.

Version 8.10.57