# Vendor Rating Statistics Update (VENDOR.P2)

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Form Details

The VENDOR.P2 procedure updates the Vendor Rating Statistics file (VENDORRATING) with the rating statistics for the period specified. The operator must specify the first and last day of the month for which the statistics calculation is to be performed. This procedure can only be run for one month at a time and can be rerun for any month.

There is a "run for previous month" check box that, when checked, allows the procedure to run for the month immediately prior to the dates entered. This is meant to be used when running the VENDOR.P2 procedure as part of the nightly update process. Normally, you do not want to run this procedure during the current month, as it may skew the statistics. Therefore, placing this into the nightly process and checking the box will cause the procedure to run every night. The intent is to alleviate having to remember to run it after each month.

The procedure selects all of the Receipts and DMR records which occured during the month specified and determines the early/late days for each receipt to calculate delivery performance. The quality performance is determined using the DMR records and the weightings for each are specified in DMR.CONTROL .

Multiple months of statistics are kept and can be reported using VENDOR.R2 or VENDOR.R3 or viewed on VENDOR.Q . All months currently maintained which are in excess of the number of months defined in the DMR.CONTROL record will be dropped.

Frequency of Use
This procedure should be run at the end of each month after all receipts and DMR transactions have been entered It is usually included in the month end batch processing queue.

All of the receipts transactions for the period should be entered prior to running this procedure.

Version 8.10.57