# Sales Rep Entry (REP.E)

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The REP.E procedure provides for the entry and maintenance of the Sales Rep Master file (REP). The ID to each rep record is optionally assigned by the user, or sequentially assigned by the system. Each record contains descriptive information about the rep such as their name, address, telephone and fax numbers, contact, and sales commission percentages which are defaulted in the sales order entry procedure.

There are fields for start and inactive dates in this procedure so that you can track when the rep started and stopped working for your company. When a rep becomes inactive, it is recommended that you run the CUST.R2 report for the rep. This report will give you a listing of all customers that have been assigned to this rep. Until the rep is removed from the customer record, it will get loaded into new quotes and sales orders.

Frequency of Use
Sales reps are usually loaded initially when the system is first installed, with additions being made in the future as required.


Version 8.10.57