# Debit Entry (RECEIPTS.E2)

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# Components

Phantom Li The phantom line item. It must match a line item on the receipt for a phantom part with quantity received. This data is loaded from the original receipt.

Comp Li The component line number. This data is loaded from the original receipt.

Comp Qty Enter the quantity of this item being debited.

Comp Bin Enter the bin number from which the material is being returned. The bin number defaults to the bin entered during the original receipt.

Comp Lot Contains the lot number assigned to the receipt line item. It may not be changed.

Comp Vend Lot Contains the vendor's lot number for the line item.

Comp Part Contains the internal part number of the item being received.


Comp Invloc The location from which the parts will be removed.

Parent WO Contains the work order number the part will be removed from if the location is a work in process location. This is derived from the parent phantom part and cannot be changed.

Comp Notes Enter any notes pertaining to this component part debit receipt.

Version 8.10.57