# Sales Order Entry (SO.E)

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# Export

End User Cntry Enter the end user country. It must be one of the end user countries entered in CUST.E . This will be defaulted from the customer record if only one end user country is specified in CUST.E .

End User Enter the end user for this order.

End User Stmt Check here if the end user statement has been attached.

Export List This is a list of the export regulations that have to be checked before an export can be shipped. This is loaded from the list entered in EXPORT.CONTROL and cannot be changed.

Export List Chk Check here if the associated list has been checked. This can only be updated by an authorized employee.

Export Li The line item for reference only.

Export Part The part number for reference only.

Li End Use Select the end use for the associated line item.

Apply End Use Press this button to apply the end use entered on the first line item to all line items.

Version 8.10.57