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Form Details
Form Details

The SHIP.R1 procedure is used to print shipment picking lists. The picking list includes the part numbers and quantities of each item to be included on the shipment. The report provides a blank column that may be used to write in the actual quantity pulled for each item. You may select specific shipments to be printed or all eligible shipments.

Frequency of Use
Shipment picking lists are usually printed in situations where the items to be shipped are pulled from finished goods inventory. The frequency depends upon the daily activity level of the business.

Creation of shipment records with either SO.P1 , SHIP.E or SHIP.E2 .

Data Fields

Shipment The number of the shipment to be pulled.
Ship Date The date the shipment is scheduled to take place.
Ship Via The method of shipment or carrier to be used.
Waybill No The waybill number assigned to the shipment.
Ship To The name and address of the location to which the items are to be shipped.
Li# The line item numbers of the shipment items.
Part Number The part number of the item to be shipped.
Description The description of the item to be shipped.
Invloc The inventory location from which the items are to be pulled.
Quantity The quantity to be shipped of the item.
Pick Qty A blank space provided for the person pulling the items to indicate the actual quantity pulled.

Version 8.10.57