# Shipment Confirmation (SHIP.E2)

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# Picking List

Pick.Li The number of the line item to be shipped.

Pick.Part The part number to be pulled.

Part Description The description of the associated part from the parts master, or the description of a
non-inventory item.

Pick.Ship Qty The quantity that is to be shipped of the item.

Pick Location The location from which the item will be pulled for shipment.

Pick.Qty Pulled Enter the quantity of the item pulled for

Pick.Lot Number Enter the lot number associated with the quantity pulled if the item is lot controlled.

Bin This field contains the bin number from which the material was pulled for this shipment.

Scan Qty This field contains the quantity that has been scanned and is used for comparison with the pull quantity to verify the correct quantity has been scanned.

Pick.Serial.No Enter any serial numbers associated with the item being shipped.

Version 8.10.57