# Marketing Module Controls and Defaults (MRK.CONTROL)

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# Credit Cards

Type Enter all of the credit card types that you will support. A list of options can be found in the right click menu.

Card Description Displays the description of the associated card type.

Account Number When a credit card transaction is processed against a shipment an invoice is created and automatically paid by the credit card. This is done by creating a cash posting record in the same way that the CASH.E process does. The difference in credit card processing is that there is typically a percentage of the amount charged by the credit card company based on the amount of the transaction. Therefore you need to specify each general ledger account number along with a percentage to indicate how the amount should be distributed. For example, if you have a $100 transaction and the credit card company is charging a 2.5% transaction fee then you would enter a cash or cash accrual account number for the net amount you expect to receive with a percentage of 97.5 and a transaction expense account with a percentage of 2.5%. The percentages must total 100%.

Creditcard Percent Enter the percentage of the transaction to be posted against the associated general ledger account number. The sum of the percentages must equal 100. For example, two and one half percent is entered as 2.50.

Preauth Overcharge Credit card preauthorizations are done during sales order entry and ecommerce site order processing. Depending on your workflow you may want to overcharge the preauthorization to account for additional charges not yet known. For example, if freight charges are estimated or flagged as to be determined, you may want to overcharge the preauthorization by an amount that would normally cover any freight expense. When the card capture step is performed it will only capture the amount you actually charge, but will avoid having to make a separate charge for the freight. This avoids the additional transaction charge and the customer will only see one charge against their card instead of two.

Version 8.10.57