# Customer Inquiry (CUST.Q)

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# Open RMAs

Customer Number The customer number for which the data is being displayed.

Customer Name The name of the customer as it appears in the Cust file.

Rma Number The rma number.

Date Assigned The date the rma was assigned.

Rma Type The type code that was assigned to this rma number.

Open Rma Receipts A 'YES' in this field indicates that there is an open receipt against this line item. An open receipt is one which has not yet been confirmed/posted and will contain a "R" status.

Line Item The line item on the rma which contains an open quantity.

Part Number The part number which is being returned against this line item.

Part Description The first line of description for the part number.

Unit.Price The unit price at which the parts will be returned/credited.

Discount Percent The discount percent applied to this line item.

Open Quantity The open balance for this line item.

Version 8.10.57