# Wholesale Guide Update

Read Time: 2 minute(s)

# Overview

Wholesalers will periodically release guides with up to date buyback numbers. Simply downloading the guide file and placing it on the server is not enough.The data in these guides must be imported into the system and applied to the textbook records.  There may be slightly different prompts depending on which guide is being imported but the process is essentially the same.

# Download the Guide - Self Hosted Customers Only

The wholesalers will typically send out an email with instructions on how to obtain the guide as well as a handful of ISBNs and their buyback amounts. Follow their instructions and place the downloaded files onto the local server's hard drive. Please remember the path to the file on the hard drive as it is needed when importing.

# Import the Guide

  1. Log into the system and sure that no one is in a textbook record, a text receiving, or any other screen that may lock up the import process.
  2. Navigate to TX-24-21
  3. Select the guying guide to update
    1. Use the ?? selection box to display of list of possible options
    2. NBC - Nebraska Book Company
    3. MBS - Missouri Book
    4. FCR - Follett
    5. TBC - Texas Book Company
  4. Select L for Local or Download
  5. Enter the path to the guide file that was download
    1. We recommend that these files be placed in C:\Guides\wholesalername. e.g. C:\Guides\Nebraska
      • Hosted customers can use the following directories for the relative guide:
      • C:\GUIDES\MBS
      • C:\GUIDES\TBC
      • C:\GUIDES\TIS
    2. The vendor specific path will be provided to hosted customers in the notification email sent from the TCS support team
  6. Choose whether to coordinate.
    1. Only coordinate your default guide; this can be found in UU-22, left hand side toward the bottom
    2. You can always coordinate later in TX-24-22
  7. Choose whether to Update the Cross-Reference (Typically Y)
  8. If you see any prompts such for 'Regular' or 'Internet Expanded' the expanded option is typically the go-to option.
  9. The processes can take up-to 20 minutes to complete. Make sure that no one is in any records if it appears that the process has frozen. A locked record will stall the process until the lock is removed.

# Verify

  1. You can verify the prices of the imported items by going to TX-24-2,3,4,5,6 or 7 depending on which guide was updated
  2. Enter the ISBN(s) provided by the wholesaler in their email, or in the TCS notification email, and verify that the buying prices match.