# GM Price Changes

Read Time: 2 minute(s)

The Price Change screen allows you to change the prices of multiple items without having to navigate through each individual item. It also allows you to set prices for items for a specific time frame.

# Creating Price Changes

To get started, navigate to GM-22-1 to create your list of items and their new prices.

  1. Enter the correct store
  2. Choose S for the source
  3. Enter a "." for a new document number, or enter a preexisting document number to access that document.
  4. The effective date controls when these changes should be applied. Never use a date prior to todays date.
  5. If the price changes are going to be temporary, then enter an End Date for the changes.
  6. Cancellation is only used if the price change is temporary. If so, then enter a Y

# Adding Items

  1. Navigate to the ISBN/SKU field and bring up an item by a description lookup or entering its SKU.
    • The MOD column will populate automatically. This is the module of the item (GM or TX)
  2. Use the ?? next to the Reason Code to choose an appropriate readon
    1. If you want to add a Reason Code, choose the ?? and then click on the Maint button at the bottom of the list window.
    2. Enter a short 2-3 digit code for the Reason Code you would like to add and select the Add option when prompted.
    3. Enter a description for this new code and save your changes.
      • Repeat the steps above for any additional codes
    4. Press enter at the empty Reason Code field to get back to the Price Change document.
  3. Enter the New price for the item.
  4. Continue adding additional items to the document. Once all items have been added save the document which takes you to the previous menu.
  5. Choose option 2 (GM-22-2) to post ALL open price change documents.
    1. Posting a document changes the status to P, which prevents it from posting a second time.
  6. At this point all items on the document will have their new prices.