# Creating AR Agents

Read Time: 1 minute(s)

  1. The first step in creating an Agent is that you must have an Agency To do this, choose option 5 for Agent Processing in the Accounts Receivable main menu.
  2. Next choose option 22 for Agency Maintenance.
  3. Enter in the Agency Code you wish to assign.
    1. This Agency Code may be either alpha or numeric.
      1. If you want the system to assign the numeric code, simply enter a period “.” to let the system assign the next sequential number available.
    2. If the Agency Code is a new code you are adding to the system, you will receive the prompt that the item is not on file. Choose the Add option to add the item.
    3. Type in the description for the Agency.
    4. Choose the Update option to finish adding the item.
    5. Next, choose option 21 from the Agent Processing menu for Agent Maintenance.
    6. Enter a period “.” to let the system assign the next sequential number for the Agent #.
    7. You must fill in all the required fields in the Agent Maintenance The required fields are:
      1. Last Name
      2. Status
        1. Use A for active
      3. Agency Code 6. This is the Agency Code as described in steps 1-6.
      4. Statement Format
        1. Enter a double question mark (??) and choose from the list.
      5. All other fields are optional and may be filled in later if you choose by Modifying the record.
      6. Make sure you choose the Save option to save the Agent you created.