# Create AR Customer

Read Time: 1 minute(s)

  1. From the Accounts Receivable master menu, choose option 1 for Customer Maintenance.
  2. Enter a period “.” to let the system assign the next available sequential number for the Customer #.
    1. To enter your own number, type an 'A' into the Customer # field and then enter your customer number
  3. Enter the customer’s First Name and Last Name in the appropriate fields.
  4. All the fields up to the Status field are optional, though it is recommended to fill in the Soc Sec Num field. You may come back and Modify the customer record at any time.
  5. Enter an A for Active in the Status field.
  6. Enter in the Customer Type for this customer.
    1. This is the Customer Type you have already created, or as discussed in the Accounts Receivable Training Guide.
  7. If the Customer Type that you have selected for this customer requires an Agent / Bill Code, enter in the appropriate Agent code.
  8. Enter a Y or N to both the Charge Interest, and Send Statement fields.
  9. Enter a Credit Limit if required by Customer Type.
    1. To create an unlimited account fund, type in a limit of 999,999.99
  10. The Opening Date will default to the current date, but you may change it if you wish.
  11. The Closing Date is a date in the future as chosen by you.
  12. The Statement Cycle field may be left blank, as well as the Miscellaneous Information field.
  13. If you had wanted only Authorized persons available to charge toward this account, enter the names of the Authorized People in the Authorized Persons list.
  14. Choose the Save option to save the customer record.