# Run Electronic Check Interface (CHECKS.P7)

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Form Details
Form Details

The CHECKS.P7 procedure is used to create an output file for vendor payment information. This output file must be sent to the Payment Processor vendor. This replaces the check printing process.
Records in the PRECHECKS file, for the selected run#, will be listed in this output file.
Enter the Check Run #.
Starting Check # will be defaulted. It will be a sequential number prefixed by "E".
As each CHECKS record is written, it is deleted from the PRECHECKS file.

All AP records which are being processed by the CHECKS.P7 electronic data transfer are updated with the check information and the open balance is changed. Register (APREG) records are created for all amounts and account numbers posted.

Frequency of Use

AP.CONTROL , Payment Tab, Electronic Payments fields must be completed prior to AP.P1 . A check run must have been created through the AP.P1 procedure and all checks must have been successfully printed. Need to create a LIID for ECHECKS if starting with a number other than 1.

Version 8.10.57