# Pie Charts

Updated: 10/14/2021, 2:20:00 PM
Created: 10/14/2021, 2:20:00 PM
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A pie chart widget can be created using the following widget types:

  1. FC2DPIE - 2-dimensional Pie Chart
  2. FC3DPIE - 3-dimensional Pie Chart
  3. FCDOUGHNUT2S - 2-dimensional Doughnut Chart

The following variables are used to define a pie chart widget:

W$PIE.LABELS VM-Array of labels for each pie slice.
W$PIE.VALUES VM-Array of values for each pie slice.
W$PIE.VALUE.OPTS VM-Array of Optional Parameters associated with each pie slice.
W$PIE.CAPTION Text caption for the pie chart itself.
W$PIE.COLORS VM-Array of color choices to override default colors.