# Additional Features

Updated: 10/14/2021, 2:20:00 PM
Created: 10/14/2021, 2:20:00 PM
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W$PRINTABLE If set to 1, a print icon is added to the widget’s title bar. Clicking the printer icon will open the widget in a new window and allow the user to print the widget.
W$PDFABLE If set to 1, and the dashboard PDF feature is enabled (see Appendix III), a PDF icon is added to the widget's title bar. Clicking the PDF icon will render the widget as a PDF file and deliver it to the user's browser. The user will be able to save or view the generated PDF file.
W$HIDDEN If set to 1, the widget is run by the dashboard but not displayed.
W$CHART.HEIGHT The height in pixels of the chart. If left unspecified, Dashboard will automatically select a chart height based on the CHART$WIDTH setting. Note that W$CHART.HEIGHT only applies to pie, line, bar, area and column charts.