# Optional Parameters Unique to 2D Area Charts

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# Area Properties

showAreaBorder=”1/0” Option to show/hide the border.
areaBorderThickness=”Numeric Value” Sets the thickness (in pixels) of the area border.
areaBorderColor=”Hex Color” Sets the color of the area border.
areaBgColor=”Hex Color” If you want the entire area chart to be filled with one color, set that color for this attribute.
areaAlpha=”0-100” Transparency of the area fill.

# Divisional Lines (Horizontal)

Divisional Lines are horizontal or vertical lines running through the canvas. Each divisional line signifies a smaller unit of the entire axis thus aiding the users in interpreting the chart.

numdivlines=”NumericalValue” Sets the number of divisional lines to be drawn.
divlinecolor=”HexColorCode” Color of grid divisional line.
divLineThickness=”NumericalValue” Thickness (in pixels) of the grid divisional line.
divLineAlpha=”NumericalValue0-100” Alpha (transparency) of the grid divisional line.
showDivLineValue=”1/0” Option to show/hide the textual value of the divisional line.
showAlternateHGridColor=”1/0” Option show/hide alternate colored horizontal grid bands.
alternateHGridColor=”HexColorCode” Color of the alternate horizontal grid bands.
alternateHGridAlpha=”NumericalValue0-100” Alpha (transparency) of the alternate horizontal grid bands.

# Divisional Lines (Vertical)

numVDivLines=”NumericalValue” Sets the number of vertical divisional lines drawn.
VDivlinecolor=”HexColorCode” Color of vertical grid divisional line.
VDivLineThickness=”NumericalValue” Thickness (in pixels) of the line.
VDivLineAlpha=”NumericalValue0-100” Alpha (transparency) of the line.
showAlternateVGridColor=”1/0” Option to show/hide alternate colored vertical grid bands.
alternateVGridColor=”HexColorCode” Color of the alternate vertical grid bands.
alternateVGridAlpha=”NumericalValue0- 100” Alpha (transparency) of the alternate vertical grid bands.