# Portal Dashboard Reports

Updated: 10/14/2021, 2:20:00 PM
Created: 10/14/2021, 2:20:00 PM
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Running the Portal Dashboard Reports

  • Run the Portal Reports Setup to configure the elements necessary to run the reports. See the Portal Reports Setup Documentation

  • Run the Portal Dashboard to view the summary of sales and financials.

    • The dashboard wants to have calculations refreshed within the past 15 minutes. If, when starting the dashboard, it has been over 15 minutes since the last calculations, a temporary display will show that figures are updating. After a satisfactory delay of a minute or so, click the Go button and the summary of sales and financials page should display. If not, repeat until it displays.

    • Leaving the dashboard running with Auto-Refresh slider activated for about every 5 minutes will automatically refresh the dashboard display and trigger a background recalculation of numbers when necessary.

    • The title section of each dashboard page shows the date and time the last calculations were run.

  • On the summary of sales and financials, those labels underlined and displayed in a color can drilled down on to display additional dashboards.

    • Drill down on Sales to initiate the Portal Sales Reports dashboard

    • Drill down on Gross Profit (GP$) to initiate the same Portal Sales Reports dashboard

    • Drill down on Margin (GP%) to initiate the Portal Year to Year Margins dashboard

    • Drill down on the Balances as of MM-DD-YY to initiate the AR and AP dashboard

  • After doing a drill downs, the browser back button can be used to navigate back to the previous dashboard, or simply clicking on the Portal Dashboard tab will re-initialize back to the summary of sales and financials.