# Deploy Dashboards and Widgets to Production Systems

Updated: 4/10/2020, 6:11:04 PM
Created: 4/10/2020, 6:11:04 PM
Last Updated By: Mike Street
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Complete these instructions to manually deploy dashboard components to a production system. To deploy your dashboards or dashboard components to a production system:

  1. Copy the elements you need from the following three files (in the MVDB account) to a tape device using the t-dump command.

    MVDB.DEFS (dashboard definitions)
    MVDB.WIDGETS (widget definitions)
    MVDB.SUBS (widget subroutines)

    TIP If your development system's files contain more data than you intend to deploy, use the select or get-list commands to define relevant subset before you run t-dump.
  2. If you added users to your development system that need to be deployed to production systems, additionally copy the following file to tape:

    MVDB.USERS (dashboard user ids)

  3. Load the files you sent to tape to the production system’s MVDB account files using the t-load command.

  4. Compile and catalog any subroutines you loaded from the MVDB.SUBS file.

    Your dashboards or dashboard components are deployed.

    NOTE It is important to remember that you must update the production system with any additions or changes to their application such as new dictionaries, procs or programs and/or q-pointers to new files that support the elements of the dashboard that you are deploying