# MV Connect 1.6.3 Release Notes

Updated: 9/7/2021, 1:14:21 PM
Created: 9/7/2021, 1:14:21 PM
Last Updated By: Mike Street
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# Patches

  • MV.DEBUG rewritten to make debugging request handlers easier.
  • Added ACCOUNT field to WDB.RESOURCE record to cause request to execute in different account.
  • Discard NUL characters returned by the MV database in the response.
  • Fixed WDB.LOG and WDB.SESSION dictionaries for Unidata compatibility.
  • WREST.BP: redirect WSETHEADER when setting the Content-Type header to call WSETCONTENTTYPE. Fixed WSEND removed extra CR being appended to response.
  • WOBJ: fixed several bugs, including JSON parser, LENGTH, DELETE, SET actions. Added TYPE and VERSION actions. Fixed problem with nested arrays.