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# Resource Identifier

Resource items you wish to export are put into this file. The format of the ID is usually API*NAME.

Key Description
API This is the handler and is defined in the web config file. Default is API
NAME What you wish to call the resource

# Syntax

API*WRESTTEST  - This would be http://<ip>:port/api/wresttest

Always put the resources in UPPER case. When the request comes from the web site the NAME can be any case as it will be upcased to find a match.

Attribute Description
001 Resource type - this should be P
002 Description of the resource / service
003 Name of program to execute to handle the request
004 Reserved
005 Set to 1 to parse CGI variables before executing handler program
006 Set to 1 to enable this resource, 0 to disable
007 set to 1 to save request debug information for use with WDEBUG debugging tool, 0 to disable debug info
008 Resource account name - LOGTO this account before executing the resource handler program specified in attribute 3
009 New line processing*

*Regarding Attribute 9, a fix was implemented 6/2/2020 to allow jBASE to properly handle CR/LF entries put directly in the output Stream. Earlier beheviour would change char(13):char(10) to char(13):char(10):char(10) which is usually not desired. On jBASE a char(10) is converted to a char(254) and then later a char(254) is converted to char(13):char(10). This is how the extra char(10) came into existence. On jBASE after the char(10) to char(254) conversion is made (by the capture statement) a SWAP(html,char(254):char(10),char(254)) is done. If this behaviour causes your application issues you can put a 1 here and it returns to the earlier behaviour. jBASE 5.7.8+

# CONFIG Entry

The entry CONFIG in WDB.RESOURCE is a special config record. You can put your own entries in here and pull them with the WGETCONFIG function. Line 1 is always a C and all other lines are CONFIGNAME:@VM:VALUE

Entry Description
APIKEY Used by WRESTTEST to access advanced config items
DEFAULT_HANDLER If Handler is not supplied this is used.
DEFAULT_RESOURCE If a resource is NOT found call this program.
404_HANDLER If no page is found a optional resource to call
LOGLEVEL 0 - No logging, 1 - log errors, 2 - log all requests, 3 - log everything

# Example

1> C
2> APIKEY]3949293