# MV Connect API

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# Table of Contents

Function Description
wdb.resource REST API resource configuration file
wdebug Debugging tool for REST APIs
wgetbody Retrieve the raw body sent in the web request
wgetconfig Retrieve items from the WDB.RESOURCE master config record
wgetcookie Retrieve the cookies sent in the web request
wgetheader Retrieve the headers sent in the web request
wgetinfo Retrieve information from the WWW.INFO common
wgetparam Retrieve URI parameters sent in the web request
wgetvar Retrieve query string parameters sent in the web request
wsetcontenttype Sets the Content-Type header of the response
wsetcookie Sets the Set-Cookie header of the response
wsetheader Sets the header(s) of the response
wsetstatus Sets the HTTP Response Code
wobj A BASIC object library for consuming and creating JSON objects
wsend Sends the response back to the requesting client
wsetbuffer Enables or disables content buffering (use with WFLUSH)
wflush Sends all buffered content to client
www.info Common variable that stores all web information (use WGETINFO to access)
wencodejson Encode a string as a JSON value (mostly for internal use)
wbuildjson Deprecated (use WOBJ)
wparsejson Deprecated (use WOBJ)