# Utilities

Updated: 11/24/2020, 6:35:58 PM
Created: 11/24/2020, 6:35:58 PM
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AUTOLOGOUT Set a session to be logged off after a period of inactivity.
BREAK-KEY-ENABLE Enable the Break key.
BREAK-KEY-OFF Disable the Break key.
BREAK-KEY-ON Enable the Break key.
CLEAR-ITEM-LOCKS Explicitly clears locks in hashed files. Restricted to root users.
COMO Record terminal output.A
CONTROL-CHARS Enables / disables the input of control characters in jBC programs.
CP Copy to Printer.
CT Copy to terminal.
DATE-FORMAT Sets or resets the jBASE international date format flag.
DB-PAUSE Pauses the Database.
DB-RESUME Resumes operations to the Database.
DB-STATUS Shows the status of the DB-PAUSE utility.
ECHO Sets or resets the echo enabled flag.
ECHO-OFF Resets the echo enabled flag.
ECHO-ON Sets the echo enabled flag.
HUSH Resets the echo enabled flag.
jbackup Online backup utility.
jfilerestore Restores data from saves produced by jfilesave.
jfilesave Simplified front-end to jbackup.
jrestore Restores data from saves produced by jbackup.
LISTDICTS Dictionary listing.
LISTF File name listing.
LISTU User listing.
LIST-OPEN-FILES Shows what files a user has open.
LOGON LOGOFF Log on and log off users.
MSG Send a message.
NOHUSH Sets the echo enabled flag.
OFF Log off.
SHOW-ITEM-LOCKS Displays details of locked items.
SLEEP Sleep for a time.
SQLCATMAN Updates the SQL Catalog lookup table
SUBD Subtracts two decimal numbers.
SUBX Subtracts two hexadecimal numbers.
TERM Specify terminal type.
TIME Time display.
WHERE Displays information on jBASE processes.
WHO Port number display.
XTD.DTX Conversion from / to decimal / hexadecimal.