# MW42

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Tags: resource usage diagnostics

# Description

The MW42 tool is designed to assist with diagnosing issues which relate to a gradual build up of resource usage over a period of time. It records information from a series of both jBASE and operating system tools, collecting data on such things as system configuration, process status, memory usage, disk space, state of jBASE daemons etc.

Mw42 {-a –f –n –pPot –pp1-p2 –t -uUser –nn1 –nn2 > output.file}

where options may be:

  • -a: Display application account instead of currently logged on user name
  • -f: Display full listing. Normally display is truncated to screen size
  • -n: Disable check for input (Some platforms block when input is requested)
  • -pPort: Restrict display to port number specified
  • -pp1-pp2: Restrict display to ports in the range p1-p2
  • -s: Display IO stats instead of iSeries JobID (default on other platforms)
  • -t: Prefix each line with time stamp
  • -uUser: Restrict display to specified user
  • -nn1: Interval in seconds between samples
  • -nn2: Number of samples to take
  • > output.file: To facilitate further investigation – it is often useful to redirect the mw42 output to a file. Mw42.out is the usual convention.

# Note

This tool is only available in jBASE 4.1 and later.

When setting the interval parameter, care should be taken to not set such a short interval so that monitoring impacts system performance. In addition an mw42.out file can grow to a large size so the location of the file being produced should be considered.

An example of use would be :

mw42 -f -a -t -n 30 1440 > mw42.out

to produce a full listing for the application account with timestamps on every line without asking for input. Sample every 30 seconds for 1440 samples and pipe the output to mw42.out

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